8. Mental, Psychological health and Dowry danger (How We Match)

How We MatchAfflictions to the Ascendant, Moon and Mercury result in severe psychological complications that could affect normal life. Depending upon the rest of the chart, the afflictions to the Moon can adversely affect longevity. Such natives may display normal social behavior, but deep underneath, they are cauldrons of serious emotional disturbances and psychological complications. Such natives can make life miserable for those they marry. They suffer from a persecution complex and believe they are martyrs in life and that everyone should be beholden to them, otherwise, they go haywire. The horrible practice of demanding dowry at a marriage has gathered force in recent times. More and more cases of dowry death are coming to light. While such cases highlight the plight and mise3ry of young brides, they are sad commentary on the decline individual will endorse this unhealthy social practice which thrives on greed, materialism and exploitation. In the case of dowry, the entire marital home develops sick atmosphere. It is hard to find case where the husband alone acts thus and rest of his family sympathizes with young wife. Therefore, apart from 7th and 8th houses, the 4th house becomes a very important factor in identifying dowry-prone charts.