7. Dasha matching, Dasha sandhi, Transit and Varshphal matching (How We Match)

How We MatchDasa Sandhi is given great importance in certain parts of India. The Dasad in the charts of the boy and the girl are dawn up. About 5 Dasas after the Dasa at birth would normally suffice. The das-ending periods in the two charts are then checked to ensure they do not end within the span of one year. For example, in the case of couple, the manís Venus dasa is to end in November 2013. The wifeís Jupiter dasa has ended in January 2013. That means the respective dasas in their lives end within a gap of 12 months. Unexpected problems have hit the couple. The husbandís career crashed overnight leaving him shattered and humiliated. The stress the couple is undergoing is tremendous because of Dasa Sandhi. Therefore, in order to avoid major calamities, the Dasa Sandhi is also checked. However, if the main factors in matching charts have been found to be good, then even if there is Dasa Sandhi, the difficulties associated with it can be overcome. If both couple had same Rashi, it means that Saturn, Mars, Rahu transit will in same and such combination if evil planets Saturn, Mars and Rahu transit is at seventh house, eight house or in twelfth house, may cause sudden accident at marriage time or after marriage. Muntha in twelfth house or in eight house must be avoided at marriage year.