6. Matchmaking of significant planet of marriage (How We Match)

How We MatchThe lord of the seventh house containing a mooltrikona sign is the primary significator of marriage. 2nd Venus and Jupiter are general significators of marriage for males and females, respectively. Special significance of Jupiter in female Nativities, the role of Jupiter in the male nativities is not less important but it has got additional importance in the case of females and more especially in the case of Indian females as it is significator for husband and male child. The early life of the female native is conditioned by the status of her parents but life after attaining adulthood i.e. before marriage and after marriage is mainly conditioned by the position of Jupiter in her nativity. We do not mean that the seventh house and its lord do not have any effect. They do have effect along with all other houses connected with the marriage i.e. the house of family, general happiness, bed comforts and marital tie. Yet, for a peaceful married life conducive to attainments of higher order, a strong Jupiter is a must. Rahu-Ketu axis exactly afflicts the most effective points of the second, fourth, seventh, eighth and twelfth houses relating to happy married life in addition to the close nodal affliction to Venus, Mars and Saturn. The lord of the house of marital happiness, Mercury, is badly placed. The lord of the house of family, the Moon, is in extreme infancy and badly placed.