5. Astkuta matching (How We Match)

How We MatchKuta agreement is based on the Nakshatra occupied by the Moon in the two charts. The Moon is described as Manakaraka and naturally this test looks at the mental compatibility of the two people. The test of Kuta agreement takes into account 8 factors :

1.Varna, 2.Vashya, 3.Tara, 4.Yoni, 5.Grahamitra, 6.Gana, 7.Bhakoota or Rasi Kuta and 8. Nadi. Each of these factors is given 1 point to 8 points respectively totaling up to 36 points. Minimum 18 points is essential to pass kuta test. The greater the score means the better compatibility.

Matching is a long drawn process and takes into accounts several important factors. The test of Kuta agreement on which the match in question was made is not the all of matching. It is only one of several factors involved in the matching process and is not a decisive one. At best, it can be described as about only 10 percent of the total process of matching. Many a time, it is found that the compatibility of the boy and girl works out to an excellent score of 25 points or above out of 36 points. These marriages break off or disintegrate in a couple of years and sometimes within months.