4. Matchmaking with Karakansha Kundali (How We Match)

How We MatchThere are three pivots in predicting marriage through Jamini techniques. A. Lagna Pada, B. Dara Pada (essential indicator of marriage). And C. Karakansha and marriage. Lagna pada and 7th house from there is a vital parameter to understand the marriage area through Jamini system. This is the image of the native as perceived by the world. Lagna Arudha is a point of horoscope from where the outer picture of his/her life before the world is channelized. Dara Pada is another key point where the condition of marriage and marital harmony in the eyes of the world should be considered. The fact the mutual axis placement of lagna arudha and 7th lord arudha has a lot to say in marriage matters, time of marriage 7 compatibility and success of marriage are seen through mutual interaction of signs and their lord. Dara pada or 7th arudha, is the most important pivot while predictions are being made through Jamini system.