3. Matching of malefic planets which affect marital houses in horoscope. (How We Match)

How We MatchThe 2nd house signifies kutumba - relatives and 4th house signifies domestic peace and happiness. The 7th house rules the marriage and marriage partner. 11th house rules the success of marriage and married life and 12th house indicates the bed pleasure of married partners. Moon, Sun, Venus and Jupiter govern the marriage life in totality. When any of the above houses or lords thereof is afflicted, the unhappiness is likely to arise due to the causes ruled by that house or the afflicting planet. When the 7th lord is retrograde, the married life becomes unhappy due to the married partner. Seventh house and lord afflicted by a malefic planet or lords of evil houses, there is every likelihood of divorce or separation between them. If bed pleasure house ie 12th house is badly afflicted by elevated Saturn, sun or Mars conjoin with Rahu or Ketu can give unhealthy life, divorce or even death of partner.

Several examples of the usual factors associated with marriage will help one understand better the role of the Sun, Saturn, Rahu, Mars Dasa in wrecking the marriage and relationships.