2. Is there any Vidhur yog or Vaidvay yog ( widowhood yoga) (How We Match)

How We MatchAn approximate estimate of longevity of both parties is indispensable. Premature death of either party to the match could result in great pain and unhappiness and therefore, charts with too short a life-span, whatever their other merits, must be rejected. It is not necessary the exact span of life and possible date and month of death should be determined. What is needed is to examine the charts for premature death or short life. The aim of astrology is to ensure the welfare of all concerned and this must always be borne in mind when expressing an astrological opinion. At such times, though we are not bound to give the specific detail of Alpayus or short life, we have duty to express an opinion against the match in strong terms. Horoscope with elevated ascendant lord and beneficial planets in ascendant, trikona house must be given first preference in marriage front and be given high star ranking. It can eliminate many obstructions in conjugal life. If Ascendant is deliberated and malefic planets are placed in ascendant or in seventh, eight or twelfth house then it can be carefully scanned before matching horoscopes. This combination can be risky in any individual life.