How We Work, Process n Example

The success of any relationship depends on many factors. Our astrological team headed by Acharya P. Sanjay will screen all Registration at this website. A unique astro compatibility has been devised here by astro professionals under the astro guideline from Acharya P. Sanjay. We Will generate horoscope for each individual and then a detailed analysis will be done on 9 different aspects. Once analysis gets over we will assign 01 Star 1 Star to 07 Star 7 Star as per compatibiliy of the individual. Here 01 Star 1 Star means Lowest Compatible (Almost Not Fit) and 07 Star 7 Star represents Highest Compatible (Can Match anyone).

As per our deviced formula sum of the stars from the two individual (Bride and Groom) must be equal to or greater than 09. A 1 Star or 2 Star or 3 Star or 1 Star Groom or Bride must not marry another Bride or Groom having 1 Star or 2 Star or 3 Star or 4 Star. They are only fit for the individuals having 7 Star or 6 Star or 5 Star.

After giving some serious notes and astro suggestions by eminent team astrologers, we suggest you your perfect mattch. This information is very helpful in seeking compatible mates. This also helps eliminate surprises after a relationship is established. A compatible match is extemely important for a successful, healthy, happy and a peaceful married life. And this type of marriage should lead to happy children.

Our astrologers team will try to unite two similar souls, so couple can enjoy their personal life. First of all they would realise their partner by planetary influences. It can also help to built up practical relations with father-mother, brother-cousins, relatives and close friends . There will be some important guidelines and remedies also will be given to couple. This is the sole aim and object of the company.

Example 1:

Matched HoroscopeA Man who came to me to seek astro advise at marriage front in April 1997. When I saw his horoscope, I was stunned because his marriage front was worsen as partner house-seventh house owner moon was deliberated. Evil and distance making planet Saturn was placed in fifth and is aspecting seventh house and seventh lord Moon. This combination was worst for ideal marriage. Moon lagna in seventh house Saturn placement is also not good for healthy conjugal life. Beneficial planets Jupiter and Venus is placed in twelfth and eighth house is not protect any way. Placement of Saturn in fifth house is also not good for early issue. After conversation we can to know that His Mother is 2nd wife of his father as His first step mother was died early with diseases. His mother also loses half dozen issues. After his birth, his mother sell him to brother as prescribe by some local astrologer to avoid any miserable accident. After observing several horoscope one chart was considered and that horoscope was Proposed Bride. In Bride's chart beneficial planets Jupiter and Venus was well placed. Jupiter is exalted and Venus is also own house as making Mallava Yoga in his chart. In spite of Astkutta matching was not good as only 16 points was gained out of 36. Bride was also partial Mangal dosa. Bride was not fair in colour. I advice him to got marriage with taking some precautionary measures. After 16 years of marriage blessing with two sons studying in convent school, their conjugal marriage is smooth and happy. Two star ranking groom matched with Seven star bride is our sole ambition to make healthy and peaceful marriage life. There are hundreds of examples, where eminent astrologer Acharya P. Sanjay advises saved their conjugal life.

Example 2:

Unmatched Horoscopeone person who is management boy and who have high profile business in Delhi and Mumbai . His horoscope was good for business and assets but his conjugal life was worst. In his horoscope seventh house was badly affected. Seventh house owner Jupiter was deliberated and placed in eighth house. In seventh house deliberated rahu is placed and aspect of Saturn is spoiling and separating his marriage life. In 2001 one Mumbai based girl horoscope was examined. Tradition astkutta matched was scored 24 points out of 36. Mangal dosa was reduced as both have mangal dosa. In spite of girl’s horoscope husband place was not effectted much but delibrated sun alongwith rahu dasa was engaged in creating confusion in their conjugal life and retrograde Jupiter and venus was not able to demise the evil effect of deliberated Jupiter and rahu placement in seventh house boy horoscope. Navansha chart was also weak in respect of marriage life. The boy was only one star ranking and girl was only 4 star ranking. Total was only 5 rank which was futile. Marriage broke with two years of Marriage. In this type of cases our astro team will minutely observed the partner horoscope and give suggestions to boy guardian to choose the girl form ground level. Girl may be not good looking or not have desire educational degree but have seventh house very strong, so it can eliminate evil effects of rahu, Saturn and deliberated Jupiter in boy’s horoscope.