Acharya P Sanjay

Acharya P. Sanjay, has done M.Sc. in Physic and is a law graduate also. He practiced as a lawyer for few years but was more keen in astrology and one fine day abandoned law and become a servant of astrology. He has great admiration for astrology, astronomy, numerology, Vastushatra, LalKitab remedies and Mantras.

He has a scientific back ground and he did a lot of researches on these subjects. Providing Astro-Palm consultation to people's problems has become the sole aim and object of his life. His predictions are based on several vedic dasas such as Vimshottari moon, Sun, Ascendent and Jamini Char Dasa, Kota Chakra, Yogini and Navanmsha dasa are additional methods to predict on typical special cases. This is a rare way to predict in India. He also took formal education in astrology from Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan, Institute of Astrology, Kasturba Gandhi Marg, New Delhi. His numerous predictions published in the national and regional dailies have received great appreciations.

Hundreds of foreigners are taking appropriate advice from him. Delhi and Vrindaban are the working place in India. As in Vrindaban Radha Mohan Temple is one Astrological centre in India. This is true that 'Astrological guidance' changes your destiny. Jyotisha is based on the laws of nature which bind the cosmos together. These laws express the unity within the diversity of life and the underlying intelligence which governs with great precision.

Astroservice By Acharya P Sanjay :

Every God loving human being have to take comprehensive report that will analyze their problem and also provide spiritual guidance. For special analytical focus on conjugal relationship, career counseling, health report, land dispute, accident and legal litigation, celebrity astrologer Acharya P. Sanjay will give suggestive reports. Astrological solutions provided in this report will help you make informed decisions. The question should be specific in nature and must be regarding any one area of your life.

Various Services Offerd :
  • Marital Prospects/Kundli Matching
  • The Year Ahead Report 2013
  • Health Report
  • Job Prospects
  • Career Report 2013
  • Business Report 2013
  • Love Prospects
  • Educational Prospects
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