Advances and Benefits of marriage portal is totally different from other marriage sites. This will select only small sections of society who have actual birth details, so here there will be no competition of large number of membership compared to others.

Often in traditional Hindu family, bride birth details are not shared easily to groom families. Manglic dosha and trying to hide age difference between couple are also main factors of guardians who want to conceal actual birth details in marriage compatibility.

In astrobandhan, it is assumed that every member is bound to give accurate date of birth, time of birth and birth place in their membership form, because only who believe in God and our astro ancient sages Parashara, Jamini, Bhrigu are entitle to be registered with us and have to give accurate their kids birth data. Occupations/business of groom or bride is also to be submitted in registration form and they must be true. Who doesn't want or hesitate to disclose his/her name, photo or status may put forward his/her guardian / brother / sister / friends on one's behalf in registration form.

Generally is observed that 10% to 20% couple has excellent horoscopes and have no need to take any guidelines from any astrologers. Such combinations are ideal and souls are waiting for each others and its belief is that this is made in heavens. Approx 10% combinations of horoscopes are worst and they have to play some negative roles in his life. These people never want to seek any guidelines or want to gain any type of spiritual energy in their life. These people may be big businessmen, bureaucrats, politicians but their marital life mere never seen peaceful or they may have to live unmarried. . But 70% to 80% combinations are moderate and this can be resolved by matching good partner in their life. Our mission is to give service to this 80% combination bride or groom, who is going to just wed. So, they can avail maximum love, peace and harmony in their married life with the help of nine kind of minute astro matchmaking.

This site has been created on demand of thousands of eminent personalities of our society, who totally get fed up with obtaining accurate birth data for matching kids from bride or groom guardian. In this site every individual birth data will be separate and saved and not be shared to any other parties. It will only share after paid members may pass nine stars matching formula and both parties agree to give consents to share birth details to each other.

In Astrobandhan, individuals desire partner ambitions are not counted, here our astro team will observe after passing test that which match is scoring nine stars or above will be best partner in their conjugal life. For example, if groom is about 7ft height and expecting his bride may be above 6 ft is not ideal matching for astrobandhan. Astrobandhan will scan and try to find out how this tall person will live peaceful life in his conjugal life. Just like cine star Mr. Amitabh Bachan married with Mrs. Jaya Bahaduri, who is of very short height, but their conjugal life is best in spite of actress Rekha old closed bosom friend of Mr. Bachan. Someone want her partner must be well educated and doing job in any multinational or Govt. department but his horoscope totally deny his ambition, in this case, our astro team will observe that what kind of bride is fit for peaceful and healthy life.